Love Song: not a sestina #amwriting #rhymingpoetry #new

I have been reading Elizabeth Bishop and playing with rhyming stanzas, but I think there is something missing here. I will have to look up a sestina again!  

Love Song   I

know you love me really

You just fight it

I should have made the tea

The way you like it  

I didn’t make the bed

And you were grumpy

The pillows were not plumped

Which made them lumpy  

If there’s a tear upon my face

Of course you’d swipe it

I should have made the tea

The way you like it  

And when you couldn’t sleep

It made you tired

You need your seven hours

It’s how you’re wired  

It’s like you’re a touch paper

And I light it

I should have made the tea

The way you like it  

So when you made the fist

I should have gone along

I’ve learnt to take the punches

In this love song  

I know that you feel better

When you fight me

How could you ever love

If you don’t like me?  

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When Did You Stop Learning Baby? #amwriting #rhymingpoetry #poetry 1994 to 1996

I have been looking through my entire back catalogue and discovered I like at least 24 poems and found more I can’t even remember writing. It is, however, the rhyming ones I wrote early on, before the poetry classes, that keep dragging me back. I have just made stanza two scan, so brought the detail forward a little.

I am really looking forward to the poetry editing workshop at the end of this month as I chucked an old one into the mix, together with my Pentrich Revolution and Derbyshire Rising folk song and Shred.

I may be back on my novel at this rate (which is not Simon Says, another one). Thank you for your time, non bots!

When Did You Stop Learning Baby?



When they told you off at school

When they told you kids should mess

When they told you that you’re thick

When they made you wear that dress



When the lads forgot their work

Took up studying your chest

When you worked out it’s not cool

When they made you wear that dress



When you won a full time post

At the PR intern’s desk

But they made you make the tea

When they made you wear that dress



When you drank yourself again

To a state of helplessness

When your period was late

When they made you wear that dress



When you gave it up for love

When your house was in a mess

When he only hit you once

When your baby wore a dress


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50 Treasures: Over to you…


Would anyone else like to contribute to this blog? I know I used the Derby Local History Library when I was tracing the house history of my former home.

Originally posted on Derbyshire Record Office:

We are half-way through our tour through Derbyshire Record Office’s 50 Treasures, which we started publicising in 2012, to mark our fiftieth anniversary.  Treasures 24 and 25 have been selected by a former staff member and a researcher respectively, and we would like to take this opportunity to appeal for suggestions from other people who either use Derbyshire Record Office (in person or from afar) or used to work here.  Is there any document in our local studies or archives collections that particularly stands out for you?  The item you choose could be a “treasure” because of something intrinsic to the document itself – its appearance, its content, the themes it covers; or it could be precious to you because of your experience of it – something that would be invisible to others, perhaps some startling discovery that you made with it.  Or perhaps you are the person/organisation that gave us your nominate…

View original 66 more words

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Fable: One from the archive… Can’t remember if this ever saw the light of day… #amwriting


They’re dancing in Chaplain’s

She’s only fifteen

She’s naive and gorgeous

He’s fit and he’s keen


It’s clear she’s a virgin

He just doesn’t care

He gropes at her bottom

She fondles his hair


They’re dancing so dirty

She feels so grown up

Her friends are all envious

Her partner’s fucked up


He asks ‘Can I walk you’

She knows she should not

He smiles very sweetly

She’s feeling so hot


She talks to her posse

They warn her of it

They’ve heard about condoms

It doesn’t mean shit


He’s stopped there to kiss her

She thinks that’s enough

She thought he’d be gentle

He’s getting quite rough


He rips her dress open

It doesn’t feel right

She asks him to stop

And he tells her she’s tight


He takes off his trousers

She’s too scared to move

He says ‘kiss my precious’

She just wanted love


She kisses his fingers

He fingers her

She sees her first hard on

He asks ‘how is that’


Then says, ‘are you ready?’

He enters then sighs

Then pains is astounding

She screams and she cries


She hates how he’s stabbing

The films aren’t like this

It’s cold, unromantic

Who’s taking the piss?


He’s finished, he’s smoking

She’s aged by ten years

He asks if she came

And she vows, no more beers


Her mum’s sympathetic

She’s shocked but she’s cool

They go to the doctor’s

She has to miss school


She still goes to nightclubs

She’s taking the pill

She drinks now and then

But she doesn’t get ill.

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Looking around for something to perform at a performance poetry workshop… ‘Not Waving but Driving’ after Stevie Smith

Not Waving but Driving

Everyone saw boyracer’s car

But his stereo still pounded

‘There’s nothing like the open road

I’m not showing off, just driving’ 


‘What a tosser, he was always around the market

And now he’s dead

His special spoiler spoilt it all,’

They said 


His suspension failed the final test

His girlies are still tarting

But people miss someone to curse

Who’s waving not driving.

(c) Rebecca Deans 2015 

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Speech to full @ambervalleybc Council Meeting on 26 September 2012 re: 550 houses planned for #Codnor

This is interesting – my first speech to full council before I had any idea I may become a councillor.

Speech to full Council meeting – 26 September 2012

You say that the Borough Council’s Vision for Amber Valley, as set out in its 2012-15 Corporate Improvement Plan, is ‘Making Everywhere In Amber Valley A Great Place To Live’. Well these plans for Amber Valley are the exact opposite.

Great places to live aren’t hemmed in by unwanted housing developments, they are surrounded by open green spaces where children can play and enjoy nature. Great places have good infrastructure and facilities – not already stretched drains, full schools, and clogged up roads. Sustainable communities don’t just absorb the residents of five hundred houses overnight, they grow naturally. Amber Valley isn’t going to be an attractive place for people to live, work, and visit. With your building strategy, it’s just going to be one urban sprawl.

The vision of Codnor with these 550 extra houses behind Alfreton Road is a nightmare. Three thousand extra traffic movements a day on already congested streets. Access for this development is due to come out on Alfreton Road, and this street cannot already take the traffic it is meant to serve at the moment. As the houses are mainly terraces, the residents park on both sides of the road. There is hardly space for two cars to pass each other, let alone two lorries, and yet the Borough Council is also proposing to build a bypass that starts in Ripley and ends at the end of this road. I don’t believe you’re going to build the bypass as the edge of this development. You don’t have the funding.

Traders on the marketplace tell me that there is a crash at the junction between Alfreton Road and the main road every day, as left-hand drive lorries struggle to get out safety. Five hundred houses with three thousand traffic movements and a bypass will exacerbate the situation. What’s more, I’ve also been told that the area you plan to develop was opencast in the early 20th century, so I question whether there are environmental concerns with the land.

I fail to understand why the council policy is to build on greenbelt land when there are brownfield sites that need developing and regenerating. I fail to understand who is going to buy these houses when there are already 237 properties within a mile radius of Codnor that are unsold. I fail to understand why, even if Derby needs an extra 9000 homes for growth, people would want to live in Codnor and commute to Derby.

I’m not opposed to sensible development within Codnor or within Amber Valley, and I’m sure there are sites that need regenerating by a piecemeal approach, Sheehy Hall for example, but I ask you to listen to the people of Amber Valley and rip up these disastrous plans.

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Simon Says Four

Teddy bear, teddy bear

Turn around.

Teddy bear, teddy bear

Touch the ground.
Teddy bear, teddy bear

Climb the stairs.

Teddy bear, teddy bear

Say your prayers.

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