My novel is going well again #amwriting #amediting #amgettingitallfuckingdown

Apologies for doing the bad WordPress form thing and not posting for ten days, after getting excited and posting quite a bit. I will now be scheduling my posts for a Friday morning, early, after the birds but before the Music News on BBC Radio 6.

So, anyway, it turns out that I have plenty of research material to go on plus a rumoured 10,000 word start of a novel, that I handily sorted out and put in an envelope. So I am making my playlist and seeing what happens ’cause I struggled to write 20,000 for my novella and now suddenly I have 10,000 to edit. *Squee.*

Already got some chapters down.

If the world of advertising is dead after 15 years, let’s try something old….

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I've always been a writer one way or the other. You can find out more about copywriter me at
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One Response to My novel is going well again #amwriting #amediting #amgettingitallfuckingdown

  1. So we’re going to be hearing more from you? Terrific. About time!

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