Sad to announce this Codnor Common news

Sad to announce that I got an email last night confirming that the second Peveril Homes bid on Codnor Common is going ahead.
That’s right. Traffic carnage on Holborn View and probably Glasshouse Hill, a new junction at the bend of Holborn View, accidents due the parking around the site….
We can also look forward to further flooding for current residents of Holborn View, Eastfield Road and the Orchard.
Not to mention the wildlife, particualrly the hedgehogs, that will die when they keep the trees but cut down the ancient hedgerows.
And damage to trees with Tree Preservation Orders as they’ve already cut one down and Amber Valley Borough Council let them get away with it.
And Ripley Town Council is taking on the land left inbetween the two developments, a liability they may well regret. Good luck with that one residents of Ripley.
Well done to the councillors that, as part of Waingroves Community Association, sent a letter against the village green application that may have stopped them, drawn by the carrot of a community centre that Peveril will NEVER build for you.
Well done to the councillors that worked on the outline of the site in partnership with the developers and didn’t even send this controversial plan to planning board. You know who you are.
At least I know I did everything, just about everything, I could to stop this (and I wasn’t alone in this). And in the process cost Peveril a whole heap of money fighting the Village Green application.
Let’s hope the balance swings away from developers and back to communities before Derbyshire is a fetid mess of housing estates populated by house-locked children with nowhere to go except the asthma clinic.

You can find out more about the 40-year battle to save Codnor Common on previous posts.

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4 Responses to Sad to announce this Codnor Common news

  1. Would I be right in thinking you feel strongly about this? Funnily enough we’ve got a similar issue going off close to us. No doubt the key reason given by the council is the requirement imposed by government to provide housing. In part, they’re right, but it’s very short term thinking regardless of where the drive is coming from

    • beckydeans says:

      I have been involved in campaigning against development plus employed to help write and promote a Neighbourhood Plan. Didn’t I tell you about the time I helped stop a Morrisons?
      A Neighbourhood Plan might help your cause; the one I worked on took too long. The Open.Spaces Society might be able to help too. Village Green applications like ours aren’t allowed any more.
      Short sighted building on valued green space is a story repeated throughout the country and the places they get to build beggars belief. Check out my @codnorcommon stream for other controversial projects.

      • I know you have been actively involved in this campaign, though I don’t recall the Morrisons story (that could just be a reflection of my advancing years).
        The situation in my back yard (almost literally) first arose about a year ago, but fortunately there was an immediate response from local residents which resulted in the Council backing off and saying they’d defer the decision on that specific area of land until they carried out a review of possible development sites across the whole district. That has given us breathing space for another 2-3 years before the review is completed. In the mean time, a group has been set up by residents and have already produced a plan (don’t know if it’s classed as a Neighbourhood Plan) which has been submitted to the council and widely publicised in the area.
        Although the group organisers seem to be on the case with this, I’ll let them know about the Open Spaces Society just in case they aren’t already aware.

      • beckydeans says:

        I might not have told you about Morrisons. It sounds like your group is completing a Neighbourhood Plan, or if they’re not they should. They take precedence over the Core Strategy from what I’ve heard, so are useful. Good luck with it!

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